Wed Oct 21 22:16

Bus no.345 towards Peckham/4ish/21.10.09

School Boy A (by the window)
9/10? Maybe more. English. Fair. Multiple red spots on face. Small eyes. Unbuttoned maroon blazer with tie. Sprite soda bottle in inner pocket of blazer. Lock Lock container with crisps. Crumbs on black pants. Short hair. Backpack and nylon drawstring bag. Getting off a stop after Queenstown Road and walking back.

School Boy B (moved from seat on the right to be next to boy A)
8/9? Younger than boy A. Small. Tanned. Short curly black hair. Big eyes. Long lashes. Thin lips, lil teeth. Baby face. Slightly oversized maroon blazer, buttoned over grey woolen vest with tie. Black gloves. High cut black shoes with probably only 2 holes laced. Backpack thrown on floor. Getting off on Queenstown Road, I think.