6/15/07 03:44 am

It's time to move again. I hate moving, having to pack all the mess I'd created over time. Everything's everywhere including my mind and my lil' heart. Both are like magnets of the opposite sides pushing one another away just to be closer to you. I ain't looking forward to summer at all 'cos I'm already missing you. "It's the proximity Juls," and so he said. He's so damn right, I feel him now. Right now, I just have to find all the silliest excuses just to be around the corner.

It was just for three seconds or less but my mind had already captured that moment and its filed in the most convenient place in there where I can look through it anytime and anywhere. Easy access to every memories of the trails you left behind; may I repeat, I will die just to be with you. And you dnt have to worry 'bout it, 'cos you'd already won me at first sight.

"December is the darkest and June is the light," and she sang. But this light isnt any comforting. It's four in the morning and I am still dwelling over the night before. I couldnt look you in the eyes because it will ruin the plan. I am a great pretender and you are definitely a great lover.

Princess of Reverie sent me a parcel filled with marshmallows and a photograph of her and her ex-lover on the Edifício Itália. They were in São Paulo two weeks ago trading memories for green. I wonder where in the world she is now.

I can hear my head spinning and Tricky telling me that 'Hell Is Around The Corner' and til then, I've got to live by myself. I shd sleep.