11/26/06 04:58 am

Last night I had the strangest dream, just like The Postal Service sang it. Except that it wasnt about the world getting warmer or who shot John F.Kennedy. It was how I met you on the way to the isle of memories every single sleep. The colors I've nvr seen and the war I wasnt involved. The smell of the sea and the look in your eyes. But it all aint real. What's real is time flies without anybody's business like it was yesterday I got caught in your light trail. I hate time. Time is life but I dnt hate life as much as i hate time, maybe i love life and hate you. Whatever it is, what's the concept behind us anyway.

I must have forgotten to tell y'al. There was this person I met at the carnival 3 mths ago. I was in the white room with Wai and it got too packed I had to get out for a fag when I met Loco. Loco is from the Coco and we realised that we were in the same flat before. We spoke of the guy who went to the end of the world and back again only to find out that he had long lost the love of his death. We spoke of the illumination on certain nights above the horizon through our windows and the unicorns strolling the shoreline. We must have all sat in loneliness only to find hope lost on our way home from school. Today while i was shopping for crap I saw Loco at the end of the lane buying packed happiness in a sardine can. I couldnt go up to Loco cos looking at her is like looking into the mirror every night. I couldnt see her with my bag of sorrow behind me, I had to move on. It was good to meet a stranger again in an unfamiliar place. I doubt she's doing fine. She's probably pretty fucked like I am.

The world is getting warmer, yet I am getting colder.I've gotta get hold of Brion Gysin's Dream Machine; maybe a mushroom shake could kill some time at the moment...