6/22/06 12:00 am

I sat below the almond tree and watch autumn turn into ashes. The birds came to sit by the branches and watch me sulk. The black sheep goes "Baa baa baa baa baa baa ba" and so did the white one "Baa baa baa baa baa ba", they never understood each other. And they went on "Baa baa baa baa blah blah blah".Its ridiculous but its happening. Came tumbling down the hill were Jack and Gill who went to fetch a basket of fairies who turned all the little bunny foo foos into goons. I thought they said her boobies were dead and asked me to bring back her boobies lying over the ocean. And they went away. Zum gali gali gali, Zum gali gali. Zum gali gali gali, Zum gali gali.
I sat there, broken.