12/12/07 12:00 am

He stood there across the road. Just couple of meters away, I reckon. Just a few seconds. Just a glance. On the phone speaking to myself. On the bus I left without a touch. I saw him again on the train to Amsterdam, behind the moving crowd–I stole as many stares as my pockets could fill. I knew it was over and never again.

A nudge, a kiss and a tug. I kept on dreaming, only of broken hearts. I thought it was alright but it was a lie. I thought I had given up but it could not be summarized on the spine.

Wai broken a wing. Wai gotten a tattoo. I felt like starving. I couldn't say nothing.

He didn't know but they know. If he knew. If he knew I saw him in that cap.

The angel came right here. He couldn't hear me speak, he couldn't hear me think, he couldn't do anything. The angel is stopping me. The angel knows nothing. The angel left me on the landing under the frozen sky.

Now I know there's nothing left. It wouldn't matter if I went back there. I lay there under the fallen stars waiting for a red sky.

It was the same for her. It was the same for him. It was the same for me. I wouldn't want to say hello again.

All I feel, is my shrinking heart and a shattered soul. All I asked for, is to hear your heartbeats in this silent movie.