10/23/07 09:52 am

22.10.07 Ten-forty on another boring Monday night

Playing 'Laughing Stock' from Grandaddy's 'Under The Western Freeway'.

Indeed - always out of shock.

The heart feels better tonight. Maybe because the radiator has decided to warm up, maybe not. He has a life and a mind of its own. You can never set him right.

I'm looking forward to the end of the week only because the placement will be over and I can see you sooner although I wouldn't know when but you looked so good the night we met at the gateway.

I was walking down the alley of the 24th street when I realized I am actually walking on a thin line hanging on nothing leading to no where. I looked down and saw you – falling. I fell too, just to look for you. All I saw was a vast land of sinking sand and all I heard was my breaking heart; nothing including you. It was blinding and painful as the sand came in my way. I felt the million bites on my skin and tasted blood on my lips. You were laughing at me from a distance in his shelter. My eyes got too dry.

I woke up under the stairway when I thought I heard you say, ' hey'. And I was trembling in cold once again.