10/26/06 02:35 am

I took a trip to the isle north of Van City. An hour ride on mainland and another on the kayak across. Its been a long time since I got into the sun for a ride on the waves, it's always a good feeling to keep off the concrete. The heat from the sun and the breeze in the air in the middle of the sea simply is the perfect cure for depression. I've always been a fool and this may never change. I jumped down from my window, knowing I will hurt myself but I know I wldnt die. I robbed me because I was silly and arrogant. And I shallnt give a shit so bring it on.

Darkness arrives earlier each day it got colder. The chill that gets into your bones is the fuckiest sense ever. Common sense seems to be lost in this fucked up situation, what was going on? Fall in Van City and summer in the Isle of Reverie. And this summer of love is here this autumn with mysteries and curiosities that make your mind go crazy. Its the time of the year where the birds flock towards North, and the time we all learn to overcome our fears. Do not get caught looking in my direction for the slightest stare may block my arteries and I wish not to die in winter. I jumped off my kayak and swam the last 200meters towards the shore, I hafnt thought how I am gonna make my way back without the craft but what the heck. Aint we supposed to live life to the fullest? Sounds like a great idea filled with ironies.

The game is on, share with me your strategy...