6/2/06 01:50 am

On my way home, I was caught in the fight between Mobster Blurry Eyes and Mobster Fucked up Brain, maybe both of 'em were trying to trick me. And came Mobster Totally Confused because Mobster Infatuation has been stalking me the day I moved to Van City. When I was younger, I used to imagine if I had to lose a sense of the 5 senses, I will immediately give up my sight 'cos I was so naive, thinking that feelings are far more important than seeing(not that it is not true, I just cant give it up so easily now). And as I grew older, I got weaker. I have became such a wimp. Yes, I am afraid of darkness; I am afraid I wouldnt see that cheeky smile on your face once more; I am afraid I may not feast my eyes of the beauty in this world; I am afraid that I can not peep at you from outside the store. Such a wuss and a shallow chelo I may be. However, each time Mobster Blurry Eyes stick his gun on my head and steal my clarity, I shut my eyes and prayed (to my instant fallback) so hard, begging him not to steal it away from me please. Then Mobster Fucked up Brain will force his way through bringing Mobster Totally Confused with him, and my clarity comes back to me. So on and off, they had me in this long con and still is. So is it Mobster Fucked up Brain or Mobster Blurry Eyes who's fooling me? Blur, clear, clear, blur, very blur, still blur. I am already so caught up with these annoying mobsters and Mobster Infatuation hasnt made my life any better. I brought you Supper Hearty Hearts from The Carnival but waited in vain. . . great, now Mobster Retarded is on his way. By the way, Mobster Blurry Eyes and Mobster Fucked up Brain, you both can go eat some Laika's poo. May my Instant Fallback damn you'al. :)