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And everything better be alright

Fall 2011

Drawing for Zouk Club, Singapore / Fall 2011

Haw Par Villa, Singapore / October 2011

Household Items, Singapore / October 2011

Behind level 4—Bras Basah Complex, Singapore / October 2011

Brighton, England / Spring 2011

Wytchkrft - so mote yt bh

Haw Par Villa, Singapore
25 September 2011
"I went into the desert to forget about you but the sand was the color of your hair and the desert sky the color of your eyes. There's no place I could go that wouldn't be you."
· · 16 September 2009 at 23:44

Pen on paper, 420mmW x 297mmH

Monte St. Victoire / Summer '11

A random piece on the wall in RCA studio

A strange familiarity swept me off my feet

Photograph found in Huddersfield market — Jul '11

Aix En Provence — Mont St. Victorie / August 2011

Dhr Uunevrs Surh Lyks Ahrs Tw Beyh Fryens

Pen on paper, front image, 113mmW x 157mmH

Pencil on paper, back image, 113mmW x 157mmH

This is it for now.
Show RCA 2011 — ended.

10 days animated in a minute.
For Show RCA 2011 - MA Communication Art & Design

Ehn Dhr Uunevers Pokke Phun Ohf Mhye
7000mmW x 5000mmB / Gold paint on 4500mmH ceiling

Drawn over 10 days with 9 markers and a tower ladder for Show RCA 2011 -
MA Communication Art & Design in Stevens Building, Jay Mews (SW7 3EU).

Show: 23rd June - 3rd July 2011 / 10:00 - 20:00

With Jo Blaker, Samara Scott, Lola Halifa-Legrand, Marine Duroselle,
Rose Blake, Somang Lee, Leena Kangaskoski, Ana Minguez and Yann Le Bec.

Drawing made for Natural Forms workshop
led by John Norris Wood

Pastel on paper, 594mmW x 894mmH

Charcoal on paper, 520mmW x 780mmH