Shapes 123

Creature 1 2 3 4 5
Marker on paper, digital coloring, 297mmH x 210mmW

Pot Plants 1 2 3
Marker on paper, digital coloring, 297mmH x 210mmW

A Drawing Method 2
Marker on paper, 297mmH x 210mmW

A Drawing Method 1
Marker on paper, 297mmH 210mmW

Pahrt ohf dhr Unnevrs syres
Ink on paper, double sided, 400mmH x 300mmW

Last Summer, I made a "round-trip" on land from England to Norway. Belgium through to Germany, up to Denmark then to Sweden and across to Norway from Kiruna to Narvik, then down south Fauske to Oslo and west to Bergen and back. A typical InterRail journey for many young westerners but was quite an adventure long-time coming for a 29 year old asian daughter. I had lived most of my life on a tropical island, an urban city, a little country of its own—Singapore. A place with man made beaches, concrete pavements lined with palm trees, a garden by the bay with imported cacti and a 'world class' night safari that runs annual Halloween parties…that's as close to nature as it gets where I was brought up. Imagine my perpetual jaw drop when I took the ferry from Narvik to Fauske and my face against the window on the train from Oslo to Bergen—this is my introduction of a city-bumpkin!

My only evidence of this trip is a sketchbook with not enough sketches and my limited vocabulary for sharing my experience. All the indescribable memories, of a solo traveller, as an observer outside of 'reality' but amidst the most realistic. Not a single photograph taken on this trip, I could have made all these up—if only. I have misplaced my imaginations in bits and pieces and I am afraid I have forgotten how to tell my stories; all those bad stories I used to make up. Truth is, I might just be distracted by all these London buzz…

I have spent the last 5.5 half years in London looking and exploring my personal practice through my BA, MA and professional work. It started with photography that led to graphic art and design, typography and right now—drawing. Or simply, mark making. Because of my fear of not knowing where this drawing mania is leading towards, I have wasted time in the last year avoiding it. Avoiding the one of not many things that brings me joy is not exactly the way to live is it. 5 weeks ago, I quit my freelance graphic job and started a "detox-by-drawing". I am back making these markings that still does not make any sense to me yet they were a gentle reminder how I had before allow these automatic strokes surprise myself...

Such Animals
Marker on paper, 420mmH x 297mmW

The Explorer 1
Marker on paper, 420mmH x 297mmW

The Explorer 2 
Marker on paper, 420mmH x 297mmW

Ink on paper,  310mmH x 240mmW

Pen on paper, 210mmH x 297mmW