" From
A to B
and Back
Again "

Rejs Kuld De Hife

Hedgrit ek gerh ligt erh kehr lorus. Qew Firae deriksa sid feir lohusk hife guhs virjok likaf di seg. Fik fis kuyt. De seqi wiey cyile hagr xela skecb nu ven sriap eht tasl emit ew ekops. Rels ey oyeg ciyhad laka enule yias ewjl ous couy fiths de ek. stel ekam evoles sid ifot: eej jouls lutke dukhe wep. LEHD OUS UYW MESH RED!


The fiction we live, written by the lines on our palms or scripted by the obscure desires in our hearts; and the memories we leave, be it just a name and a lifespan engraved on a tombstone—celebrates our existence and such a proof reminds us that "happiness is only real when shared."