#printalloverme jumpsuit with 
patterns from Drawing to amuse oneself [...]

drawing patterns

 Swatch Maxi watch 2 (work-in-progress), 
6 colors with marker on surface 

 Swatch Maxi watch 1, 
3 colors with marker on surface
"One of the pleasures of drawing for me is the rapidity with which one ceases to have concerns about oneself. The intensity of trying to capture the line and the sense of something in nature becomes absorbing enough to hold one's attention." Merce Cunningham, Other Animals

Summer sketches 
Pencil on paper, 297mmH x 420mmW

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I sit and watch as the Universe continues to take the piss #

And now, I conclude upon all failed attempts for love of one over the period of my wanderings—you are the shit or I am a shit #

I am familiar with this moodiness you speak of. It creeps up to me at moments despite the brightest of daylight and I have not learned to find peace within the dusking sky. Her vulnerability was only a fragment of my imagination as I slipped into the dreams I cannot share. "Hold on," I remind you, these words you once gave me #

How many times have you told yourself,"I fucking knew it" #

Residency at The Swatch Art Peace Hotel, Shanghai
October 2014 - March 2015

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