I've got to tell a ***damn story and
I didn't know where to start,
so I stole some words—words others
so cleverly placed next to one
and the other. I've got a list:

/Tower of Dreamers / People can die of broken hearts / It's the magical mystery kind / A remorseful organ thief / A drunken fish killer / A girl with gold doorknobs where her eyes used to be /

Ok, it's not exactly a list.

And I have some random thoughts...

— Never trust me with mornings /

I keep them wrapped under broken dreams

And will be later for lunch, than usual /

— I told them I am fond of words /

Truth is, I'd forgotten how to love them

and lost them on my way to you /

— About today:

1. All I could say was, "hey."

2. Then I lost my vocal cords.

3. In the end I said, "no I haven't got one."

Well, today y'all can punch me in my face.

3 times! I had the chance and

I could not put my act together.

First, the black drawings, then the gold ones and the blue ones.

The green drawing today was not good. Wasted another day. Bravo'

"I'll do it tomorrow"