9/27/07 01:09 pm

20.09.07 23:00 Thursday

I'd forgotten time again. A constant reminder I need to not be too sane/sure. We haven't spoken. The broken glass cut the wrist risk her shame. Horizontal lines kill not but stays alive as autumn falls back. Hits her right on her back. Spill the beans and get hurt a lil' bit letting her in. It's true "they don't love you like I love you" - I could have told you, even if it was out of tune.

The illusionist - my dear friend, knows not all nor what I know. He sent me a parcel of imaginations - quite a beauty, at three in the morning. I looked him in the eyes as I'd forgotten the lies of her lines. His late nights and goodbyes. They'll soon come by while you seek and find all the sheep across the landings.

She cried when he died.