9/13/06 01:49 am

I was standing on edge of my balcony. I was thinking what it will be like not knowing how things will become if I take a step forward. But my feet were rooted and my heart was beating ten times faster than running down the street. I couldnt look you in your eyes for all I could see was the other side of your other world the other time the other space and all the routes we've taken were joy rides on Skribby Hill, free and easy. I can not forget the wonders of flying. Yes, I flew on my own. And I can never forget the colours of one particular night when I took a fall. Never again had I re-visited that zone. I didnt have the guts to unlock the gate, my mind was holding me back. My heart is too small.

Van City's been really crowded these days. And the bad traffic isnt making things any better. I've been getting new neighbours moving in to the block and things are getting more interesting. Of cos, people moved out and the units are replaced with other friendly chaps. I've yet to know them all but am slowly getting familiarised.. . . ....