3/25/07 11:00 pm

"I like where we are, when we drive in your car," Hellogoodbye (Here In Your Arms)

"Thank you for the ride 3 years and couple of months ago." And it is true that fallen lashes make your wishes come true, one fine day. We all gotten learn to be patient.

I've been back here for approximately 20 hours. Right at the same spot where I linearly left 24 days ago. I came back when those people decided to wind the spring forward and steal an hour of everyone's life keeping all these countless hours into their secret box of lies. And that was the time when I had to end my trip at the 25th hour. She did bring me to the party for the leaplings and that 25 hours were equivalent to the 24 days I went missing. That was probably the best time I had in my life here in Van City.

We rode the steeds that came by our yard the night laika shallowed the moon and brought hail onto the lands. It was exactly like how I always travel on the light trails but this time with a guide and in a group. It brought us to this magnificent tower castle in the air right above the sea of love. We were welcomed with blasts of fireworks that filled the sky with rapid seconds of random bright flashes that stimulate our minds the way a Dream Machine does. The smoke that followed filled the atmosphere with a pleasant aromatic scent that relaxes you more than a flavored sheehsa. And we simply went higher and higher floating on cloud nine. We watched St├ęphane TV in the first room, drank all the lovers' tears in the seond, ate all the anger we vent on our friends, smoked all the rollies that gave us hope and made all the love we ever wished for in the next. And the best part was when I get to go back in time for real and spent almost 3 weeks when Wai was still a lad before he became a bug 'cos he wind up as a junkie. We stole chocolate bars off the shelves of kiosks again and dived the waterfalls of swinging heartbeats. Drove through the fields of broken hearts and drown all the sorrows in bottles of piss. And when the time came to say goodbye, I whispered hello, I will miss you terribly...

The last 20 hours were confusing.