5/30/06 04:58 pm

The 2nd room at the end of the corridor on the 13th floor lives a man with dreadlocks that were longer then Goldilock's. He has got the view of the end of the world where light goes out on him each night arrives. He's never been out of the room, he hardly leaves the sight of his computer screen, he doesnt eat nor drink, he's not a ghost either (maybe he is, htf will i know). He's just waiting by the ocean for her return. His memories were stalled from the day he last remembered living. All these years, he doesnt stink despite not showering (his water and electric were cut off cos he couldnt pay no bils; btw his computer runs on solar) but instead an alluring scent lingered around him. And each time you pass by his door, you will stop just to imagine the other world behind it. An enchanted forest with all the strange species of life that may exist in there. The endless trails that may lead you to places never imagined in that yoma, the dreams that will come true in that confined space. Sounds of silence that are rhythmic and it goes on and on in your head and you will start moving to the beats (ass-wriggling). Each day, you have to pass that door for that dosage of adrenalin. Its as addictive as pot is. Many people wanted to know what was going on in that unit, so they sailed out to the ocean hoping to get an answer with the view out there. Those who came back alive, came back blind. And the others didnt return, they simply drown themselves leaving the ocean with many sail boats, dinghies, yacht or whatsoever empty, floating around. If you want to leave this island, swim to any of them, but remember not to look back into his unit and off you go to the end of the world. Do not even try abseiling from the roof cos its a #489-levels block. Maybe if you're dying to know what is in there, you may just go ahead with this suicide. Various rumors filled the entire block, then to street 23 and soon the whole of Van City like wild fire. The ferris wheel stopped operating, the bustling back allies became ghost towns and you never walk on the streets anymore, you run. Those who returned from the ocean were blinded by love, blinded because they wanted what they've seen to be the last visual in their head, they turned blind because they realised nothing else is more important than what that can be felt from the heart. Some cried till they got blind while others dug out their eyeballs and some sewn their eyelids together with bostik gum. Those who drown themselves realised that nothing else is worth living for, some wanted a new life while others believed it was something worth dying for- knowing the truth. We could tell that those who came back were hiding some truth, they werent generous enough to share because of the sacrifice they made in exchange. There was denial in their tone of voices, there was love yet there was fear. What was the unspeakable truth that couldnt make a noise. Sadness rises in the air of Van City, and trenches were dug in people's hearts. Everyone was filled with curiosity and a sense of fear that was spreading like a plague. Was truth such an importance. Each day, I will make a wrong turn from the lift lobby just to make a detour pass his unit for my daily jab. One fine night, the sound of shattering glass pierced through the dreams of everyone in Van City (for a moment, I wondered why people pierce their ears, anyway). It was 4am in the darkest of the night, the entire city was awaken. The trees and plants have outgrown the space in his home, shattering the glass panel that cuts him from the outside world. We saw birds that flew out had colors and patterns on their feathers that we've never seen before. The unicorns that flew out were for real and so did dumbo the elephant. And there were just too many strange exotic animals that we couldnt name cos we never knew, flew pass us to the end of the world and vanished, And he came climbing down the broken panel with his dreadlocks as his climbing rope (he must have locked himself in and that was the only way out) and when he reached the ground, he cut off his hair and ran towards the ocean. You will just float in the air, high when he passes you with that scent in him. For that moment, you thought he was god. And as he disappeared into the ocean, we all knew he realised that he should be out looking for her. And fear dies off in the city as he left. The people of Van City are full of hope once again . . .What took him so long anyway; perhaps he was waiting for his hair to grow till the length of 13 floors or perhaps he received a reply on his computer, perhaps perhaps perhaps.