10/17/07 09:26 am

14.10.07 quarter to six on a lazy sunday afternoon

I got woken up by the falling stairs and the trembling walls shaken by bad beats and broken bass; way to early on a weekend. It gets on your nerves not being able to sleep in and a pain in the ass being disturbed on the only day you can be late. Got up when the house went quiet, had my breakfast and thought of our date before I woke. I'm pretty sure you will agree that it was a good one. I laid in bed reading the familiar text yet I can't seem to recall if I'd done the same book before and soon my mind drifted off to the place we last met in less than a paragraph. The bad cramp pulling my legs and a bad throat from the free fags – fucked. Waiting for New Order's Bizarre Love Triangle, waiting for the next occasion to be struck by those ultraviolet rays. I woke up in your arms and your silent face next to mine. Your scented body and morning hair; I felt your heartbeats on mine – the future will not be forever. I never thought, I never thought it will.