12/23/06 08:28 pm

Money indeed makes the world go round, at least it brought me half around the earth, almost. I had to go 10893km to send a friend that I forgot to send home the night before. Made my way to the airport with a million zillion of I-dnt-know-what's in my head. I couldnt remember how to deposit credits into the travel ticket and i waited at the wrong line for a long time about to take a wrong train. Someone told me I wasnt supposed to be there and i thanked him for his kindness. And I didnt know where to go for the right train, i aimlessly walked thru wrong tunnels having known I had already wasted much time returning to the flat couple of times forgetting everything. An hour on a train cramped with loads of people and their baggages, to place not knowing how I shd get to the destination isnt the most exciting ride at all; I prayed like I never did.

The fog delayed the departure, and being stucked in a stationery plane for 3 hours is hel of a pain in the arse. And being caught in a confined seat in the air for 12 fucking hours was simply - shit. It was strange that "Little Miss Sunshine" was playing and I met Olives' Grandfather who died of drug overdose. Of cos, mine didnt. And how strange it was to watch the next movie about a father from where I was heading to died of heart failure. What are the odds, like they always say.

My mind simply stopped functioning and i could just stare into space.

I arrived within 24 hours; yet I was still too late and lost 8 fucking hours of my life yesterday...

(Local time, 24.12.06 04:28)