2/28/07 12:14 am

"As I shut the door, I caught a glimpse of Hatsumi picking up the receiver. It was the last time I ever saw her." (Murakami, Haruki - Norwegian Wood)

When and what will be your last glimpse of her?

He never fails to engage me into the situations and stories of all the titles I've read so far. I am a pretty bad reader yet I am so addicted to the fiction he'd written. He has became my best friend in this confined dwelling. Although he's partly a reason why a part of me has became pretty messed up. No direct accusations since the prime suspect its my mind indeed. Death, loneliness, indulgence, love, etc; aint this all just life. Hasnt someone said that life is a stage and we always play dead, dont we. But we can never play it all that we want it to be; we've to follow the flow of the co-actors; and cant help but always be weary of the dangers of falling off the edge of the platform. Yet who knows what happens; we aint no psyhic.

And of 'cos too much emo-music isnt good for health. It can be reflected in everything that you do; it lingers at the back of your head and pops out subconsciously. Never too good an idea. Darkness is bad; it steals your cup cakes and frees the wolves. Great musicians and writers - totally affecting me with a slow descent...

Anyway, yeah. My neighbor, she's a leapling; every common year at the specific point between 28th Feb to 1st Mar, the world stops revolving for 3 seconds and time is paused. At this time, all the leaplings will come together and have the biggest celebration where they get to do whatever they wanted to. A second in that dimension is equivelant to 1 day in our reality. And thats the point where the future will be remembered - as a déjà vu. You've to be special to be a leapling. I've been begging her to bring me with her tomorrow, but we'll see. However, in a leap year; the unlucky leaplings will be taken away on the 29th Feb. That's the reason why leaplings are hardcore players who live life to the fullest as they know that the time they get is never as long as they wished it could be.

Alright, I should take a good night's sleep and keep my fingers crossed that she will bring me along tomorrow.