6/5/06 02:05 am

I remember vaguely 3 differently dreams I had last night, maybe more maybe not. Mobster Infatuation brought his friend along to me again - been 3 nights consecutively (I am looking forward still). And one other funny scenario that I ended up frightening myself, I'm not too sure what I was hiding from, guess some 'Bloodthirsty Shark' I read about a few days back, banging on the glass panel which was supposed to be on TV but I ended up there myself, you know, these dreams you just go everywhere anywhere. I dreamt I fell asleep while dodging it, then I woke up dreaming, or I dreamt that I woke up or I already was awake, I'm still unsure. I havent already gotten a great correction with my bloody glasses on, what's worst without any at all. I saw something hiding away from me onto the top of your wardrobe, and the more I squint, all i saw was a lil puny red/white thing hiding away from me. I am too short to see what's up on that wardrobe. Then, in the day, as I was stoning in front of the computer waiting for you, I look up just to stretch my neck and i thought I saw that lil puny red/white thing that I hung on mr. Spongebob's nose. The wardrobe is behind me as I uses the computer; I wonder how that thing ran across next to me without me noticing. . . My eyes' been failing me, and so is my brain and my heart, they just dnt coordinate well at all. Wldnt you stop running away from me?