9/13/07 01:37 pm

22274km traveled + countless road rides.

1176hrs sleep + parties.

You + Isle of Reverie.

"Talk to me, dance with me here in the spotlight," Hot Hot Heat.

I missed you - too soon. The extension was perhaps not too good an idea.

The nudge - the slight touch. Too good too be true.

The ride back to Van City wasn't as bad as I thought. Almost 13hrs but I spent most of it walking you through lalaland - showed you around - told you things - stuffed you up. Besides, Wai traveled with me. I packed him in my lil' pocket - he went safe through the Customs. And I had brought a 'dangerous' object up the plane unintentionally which got confiscated. Damn. Wai'd been nice lately. He left me as we arrived at the airport. I'd to drag all the shite on the tube back to my cozy new place at M.block down South.

I lost my appetite on my way back here. You had taken up too much space. My mind in chaos all thanks to you.

I got shot while I got lost looking for the Gateway House. 'Bang' - I turned, and this lad armed with nothing more than arrogance had left a bullet in my head. I looked him in the eyes as he fled with his clowns. And I went further in the wrong direction. By the time I arrived, I was exhausted. I held a towel against the wound on my head - but it was my heart that I felt a pain.

Too far away, I thought.