10/25/07 10:00 am

25.10.07 Half passed one on a brand new Thursday morning

My right hand is over growing me – it's got a life living on its own; it's like a preview of what I'll be in 50 years time; I might be too positive, it could be worse. Anyway, the fucking dry and cold weather has been eating the life off my right hand. It's pretty bad; damn it. Me friend gave me Gee? to apply on it and it smelled like – shit; not really, but anyway. And the either fucking hot or fucking freezing shower has been a fucking pain in the ass. And it's bad on my back.

The night's been kind. A birthday girl on a random spree with my 'lil gift to remind her that time flies, happy or not, good or bad. I'm hungry, now.

Besides, you were sweet. Very. And Kelly of Van She is "looking in the mirror doing what other young kids are doing, looking out of the window thinking what she should do and she's running out of time, running blind 'til she met me", yeah something like that... "Oh girl,"...

There's a good reason for a weekend.

We've been 'together' for six years and two many months. Right now, let's be on our own.