10/4/06 04:44 pm

I didnt know where to go what to do. I couldnt think of anything at all. It seems like I had misplaced my heart and my mind on my way home. I followed the trail where I had taken but I just couldnt find 'em. I went back to the flat and sat there for hours doing nothing. Doing nothing is something afterall. Yet how can one be filled with emptiness when empty is nothing. Nothing does kill. It kills nothing that is perhaps a big thing. I couldnt write I couldnt sleep I couldnt read I couldnt tell what's that shit that's making me so preoccupied. I couldnt explain of cos. I am not even convinced. I wish Wai is here to direct me, to console me, to scream at me, to wake me up and to put me to sleep. I've moved to the next street cos it was too damn noisy at the previous block. Give me a pocket filled with miracles and all I need now is a hug. Tell me everything's gonna be ok. Tell me the end of world is nothing but another beginning.

Right now, I gotta relocate the light trails back to the castle in the air. Seeya'