Sun Oct 11 - Noon

"I like to hold it in my arms and keep it company", she woke up from a dream like the sun rises everyday. She sang of apple trees and honey bees, "shake along with me."

25 days well too long. The snuggles, the cigarettes, the phone calls and the distance way off track. A tattoo that should have been inked into the skin. There, probably wouldn't have gone too far, we thought. All the lashes unleashed for a single question without any solid reasonings. I couldn't have make it more entertaining. We'll see.

Mik & Kat with their mesmerizing accent, painted the room a changing season. Eleven quid left, I held back the horses. The Chapman Brothers laid still with Barney and the Koenig in the castle ruins.

"Hey Stella, whatever will be will be," no doubt 'bout it.