9/14/07 04:12 pm

13.09.07 Thursday 10 to 8 Dusk.

The tree grew in the wind right before me, very quickly. The ringing in the ears wouldn't stop. The torn whisperings of burning ashes from the fag, all white and gold. The throbbing heart was heavy and uneasy. My mind in chaos only because of all the mislead signals given on the road in progress. The dusty air and the uneven pavement went a long way. His stare was intimidating as I passed him. The lil' itches on my legs in those unwashed jeans, weren't very pleasing. The glasses slipping down the greasy bridge. The explosively trembling cheap speakers playing the souls of broken hearted angels wasn't very justified. The heat from this machine is cramping the folded legs, but I haven't moved an inch except my fingers on the keys and watching the cursor blinks. Within a 7 meters square box - not exactly equivalent, I sat in this yellow light thinking about the day I took a ride in your car. I told him to shift a lil' to the right by the window and watch the Eye sparkles between the opposite blocks. The conversations and laughter of the Ghetto Boys below the flat were getting louder as night falls. I could feel the silence despite Interpol playing the Next Exit. And I have no idea why I should be bothered by his disparity. Let's just go to sleep for now.

"I'll love you 'til the day I die," Ray Davis.