10/17/07 09:27 am

16.10.07 quarter passed ten on another tired tuesday night

Haven't been feeling very well since the weekend before. An irritated throat and constant dry cough–the weather or you. My head is spinning and the room is too chilly. Dinner was tasteless but it filled the growling stomach. The woman next to me on the bus must have heard, otherwise she must be crazy; she teased a pathetic hungry one. She kept laughing. The bathroom was messed up–as if I were the only one in its distressed. The phone rang and the messages sent were missed. They have grass; I only long for a good night's sleep. I met your twin; as evil as pure as mesmerizing as before, reminded me too much of how you walk.

Deprived of sleep; I am deprived of roaming the light trails in your hands. I just need your magical touch and that whimsical flight shall breeze through all frights. I thought of how he took care of me when I was ill. A sweet boy having breakfast on the opposite side of the world. He makes me wanna cry on the train to Argentina back from fall. The classic cars lined the street and crashed all the kids. One for the money, two for a flick.

Your bright eyes shall guide me through the broken windowpane into a tunnel only without fame. Tell me what you had for dinner and I shall make you breakfast forever. No more rock and rolls 'cos this heart is no longer on fire. Let me know and come away with me because I haven't found what I am looking for.

Three for treats or trick. You are the wandering intruder in my sleep.