2/5/07 02:52 am

33 days. Couple of weeks, hundreds of hours, countless moments of flashes of you, him and 'em. Slanted glasses, shaky hands and The Knife surrounding me. Sleepless nights of repetitive annoying dreams, flying planes and broken thoughts. I couldnt stop thinking what it would be like to be at the back of your mind. If I could swing by anytime, if I could take a walk and just be me. I couldnt give it up again this time although I couldnt breathe anymore. I cannot swear that I'll never leave you 'cos good times do not last forever, but I'll keep my heart with yours. Yet, I'm too afraid to look inside. "But I'll be waiting where ever you go and I'll be there whenever you call."

And he couldnt stop talking about wells. He includes one in every story he wrote. There aint no wells where I live, yet there's one right inside everyone of us. The darkest depth that the chill eats right down the bones.

I'll see you again the next time when the man above allows us. I'll say hello, and lets not bid goodbye...