6/10/06 01:00 pm

Had not been sleeping well lately. Couldnt put myself to sleep and getting up in couple of hours and going back to sleep and getting up at fucked up hours; backaches and bad face. Sometimes I dnt even dream, otherwise they are short lived boring situations. Not too sure what's bothering me, I thought I am ok but maybe not. My neighbor and his roommate had been getting on my nerves (perhaps like always), the ones upstairs have been throwing shit down and landing on my balcony. Fuckers. Wai is still not back. Jayla's been bugging us for works for the show at the Carnival. I have the ideas just procrastinating and dnt exactly know what have to be done. I havnt taken a ride on the travelator for more than a week. I have been drinking alot of water yet it feels like I have been drained fast and going empty again. I have been a pirate in his hard-boiled wonderland but hardly even halfway to the end of the world. What have I lost and where should I be looking for it. Maybe I shd go up on the ferris wheel later in the evening with my kaleidoscope, feel the breeze and leave my self. I miss my other dangerboy, who's been away for the adventures of the misguided MTX on his Yomaha thousands of miles away from Van City. My stomach's been acting weird, I couldnt tell if it was hungry or angry. Help.