There are many times I’d done things which I never understood.

Even as a child, I’d always seek refuge at the person closest to me, then, my mother. I most likely had lied to convince her to be on my side. Once bitten but never shy. I continued to be a tyrant in the neighbourhood.

My mother always protects me, too much sometimes, even till today, she never lets go. My mother may have been the only person I lied to mostly. I cheated when she gave me spelling practices, I drew when I should have been studying and told her otherwise, I pretended that I had extra classes in school but in fact I was out playing with my pals, I told her I quitted smoking, I told her I ate well, I told her many things that aren’t true. I’d lied to the only person who never stopped loving me.

I lied, I dodged and now, I am speechless...